Types of Bet

If you’re new to online gambling then it’s important to understand the types of bets available and how they work. Bets can be simple and can apply to just one football match, one horse race or one sporting event, or alternatively, you can combine more than one bet to set up a series of multiples.

Here are some of the more common bets explained.


This is by far the simplest bet to explain and understand, and it remains the most popular from within the betting fraternity. A single bet is one solitary bet on a sporting event. If your prediction comes in correctly then you collect at the published odds and that gamble is settled – it really is that simple.


A double bet, as the name suggests, involves gambling on the outcome of two different events. For example, you may decide that you want to bet on two separate football matches.

If you do place a double bet, then both of your predictions have to come in so that you can collect some winnings. It only takes one of those teams to lose however for you to lose the bet outright. If one of your teams wins but the other loses or draws their game, you cannot collect, and the bet is simply lost.

However, if both teams win, then you can look forward to a much better return than you would have done if you’d just placed a single bet. To finish this example, let’s assume that both of your winning predictions were priced at odds of 5/1 prior to kick off. To calculate your winnings, simply multiply 5 x 5 and you have a healthy 25/1 pay out on the way, together with your original stake.


Once again, a treble bet is essentially self explanatory, and once you become used to the terminology, it’s very easy to understand. Here, you need to place three bets on the outcome of any sporting event you choose, but in order to keep it simple, we’ll use football as an example again.

Take three football matches and do your predictions as to whether they’ll result in a win for either side or a drawn game. Having made your decision, you need to place three single bets with your bookmaker at the same stake for each bet.

Just as with the double bet, all of your selections need to win in order for you to collect. One winner or even two just won’t do – if one of them fails then your entire bet is lost.

However, if a treble bet comes in, then the returns get really exciting. Let’s take those common odds of 5/1 for this calculation, and starting with 5/1 we need to multiply that by five and then by five again.

So you end up with 5 x 5 = 25 x 5 = 125. In this example, your bet is returned at the incredible odds of 125/1, plus your initial stake. Naturally, not all of the odds in a treble bet will be that long, but you can see how attractive this type of gamble can be to new and experienced punters alike.

Four Fold Bet

Essentially, a four fold bet uses the same principles as a double or a treble, and once again, it’s entirely self explanatory.

Just take four sporting events – four horse races for example or in this case, we’ll stick with football matches. Predict the result of each one and stake your money accordingly.

As with double and treble bets, your initial stake is multiplied, so in the case of a four fold bet where that initial stake is £1.00, your total outlay is £4.00. Similarly, all of your bets need to come in so that you can claim a profit: Three out of four simply isn’t good enough, and it only takes one gamble to lose and you’ve lost your whole stake.

So your exposure is greater but so are your rewards, and betting on a four fold where all the odds are at 5/1 would return a mighty 625/1 if every bet comes in.

Accumulator bet

An accumulator is so called because the odds accumulate as each bet comes in. An accumulator starts with six bets, but there is no upper limit as to how many you can choose.

The winning requirements are the same as any of the bets on this list. If one bet fails, then your whole stake is lost, but if everything comes in then you can look forward to a very large pay out indeed!