Deposit methods used by betting sites

When you first open an account with a new bookmaker, what options are available to you when it comes to depositing money into that betting account? The answer is that they vary depending on which company you sign up with, but most will have a useful and wide range of methods on offer.

Debit and Credit Cards

Most, if not all bookies will let you credit your account using your debit and / or credit card. In some cases, such as American Express where charges to the company are relatively high in comparison, there may be exclusions but as a general rule, you should be able to use any of the main suppliers.

Transfers should be instant too, but make sure you check this point carefully with the individual bookmaker.

Bank Transfers

This is another method which you’ll find is supported by every bookmaker in existence and for many account holders, this is their preferred option.

The process itself is very straightforward and you should be able to find step by step instructions from the help page of the bookie in question. Here, they will give you their account details and sort code and you log into your own banking account and make the first deposit from there.

From this point onwards, regular transfers become very simple as you already have the bookmaker’s details saved in your own account. Once again, deposits and indeed withdrawals are instant but check the t’s and c’s for your own peace of mind.


These days, Paypal is a common method of payment right across the world wide web and many consumers use this as their number one choice, outside of their own bank of course.

However, a relatively low amount of bookmakers currently accept this method due to the company’s attitude to gambling. This attitude is softening as time goes by however, because the major bookmakers are complying with Paypal’s rules and you can now see more companies offering this service.

If Paypal is a must for you, then first and foremost you should check with the bookmaker to see if it’s accepted. If it is, remember that deposits are likely to be instantaneous as are credits to your Paypal account. From this point, withdrawals into your own bank account are subject to Paypal’s usual terms.


In addition to the main deposit methods, the majority of bookmakers will offer alternatives known as e-wallet facilities and Neteller is arguably the most common and well known of all of these.

Neteller works in a similar way to Paypal; and it allows you to deposit and withdraw using GB sterling, US Dollars and Euros. Yet again, payments should reach your betting account instantly but this may vary between the different companies concerned.

Away from bank transfers and debit and credit cards, Neteller is arguably the most popular method of deposits and withdrawals, so if you intend to use bookmakers on a regular basis, it may be worth setting up an account with them.


PaySafeCard is essentially a voucher service that lets you add funds to that card after you’ve completed a brief application form with the company. Virtually all bookmakers will also let you deposit using pre-paid cards and this tends to be the one method that is most regularly accepted.

With funds having been added to that card, you can then use it in the same way as you would a normal debit card to credit your betting account with extra cash.

Outside of the UK, this may well be the easiest and quickest way to make deposits, but nevertheless it’s a useful addition too, if you’re betting from within the British Isles.


Ukash works in exactly the same way as PaySafeCard but you may find that some bookmakers will only accept one or the other of these cards.

In most cases, both cards will be accepted but if that’s not the case, the application process for Ukash is once again quick and easy once again.

Western Union

You may find that very few bookmakers accept Western Union simply because of the lack of security and traceability associated with its usage.

However, it is an option with some outlets so if it’s one of your preferred choices, check first to see if it’s acceptable with the company in question.

Other Methods

Other e-wallet facilities exist and these include MoneyBookers, Skrill, ClickToPay and others.

Overall, there is a wide choice when it comes to depositing money from the regular bank transfer to the most obscure of pre-paid cards on the market.

As a general rule, if a particular payment method is very important to you then it is best to check with the bookmaker first to see if it’s accepted. There will usually be a list of acceptable options on the relevant home page or alternatively, just use the help facility to get some clarification on the matter.